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Bootstrap 3 is out !

July 31, 2013 - Posted in English , Uncategorized Posted by:

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Bootstrap 3 is out RC1 for everyone

The first Release Candidate of BootStrap 3 was just released a few days ago. You still have access to the previous version BootStrap 2, but the new version will soon be replacing its predecessor. In terms of changes, BootStrap 3 brings new features, new elements and remove others: there have been around 16,00 commits, 72,000 additions and deletions as well as nearly 300 file changes. This report will tell you all the changes brought by this milestone !

Mobile First

This major version is ambitious and wants to be mobile-first ! Responsive CSS is no longer separate and all responsive features are now compiled into the core bootstrap.css file near. Separate files are no longer required, and have thus been removed.

New Flat Design

Bootstrap fell in love with flat design. As you will notice, all the reflections, shadows effects on buttons and navbar have been removed. As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s a great new design which follows the trending flat design we noticed in IOS 7 beta, Windows 8 and pretty much everywhere else ! The grid is drastically simpler, yet more powerful, in BootStrap 3. New featured I noticed interesting are the tiny and small grid systems **for phones and tablets, **new Typography for elements, the support for responsive utility classes on table elements.

Documentation already done

BootStrap team is pushing forward 100% on BootStrap 3, meaning when you head to you’ll see the v3 RC1 documentation. Their intention is to make BS3’s testing and development as widespread as possible so they get the best final release possible as announced on their blog. The documentation has been simplified : key changes are around the organization of the pages and the tools powering them.

Supported Browsers

At a high level, BootStrap 3 is dropping IE7 and FF3.6 support ! instances of *, -moz-box-shadow and other IE7 and Firefox hacks were deleted from the CSS files.

How do I migrate from BootStrap 2 to BootStrap 3

Replacing JS and CSS won’t be enough to upgrade your bootstrap application. But you can use the pull request to get a good shot of what you need to change in the structure and elements of your application. It’s about saving a lot of time using this file instead of the documentation. Example: knowing that .hero-unit has been replaced by .jumbotron !

RC2 is coming

BootStrap 3 RC1 is just the start, and BootStrap need your help to get to RC2. Download it and give it a go, and most importantly, tell them what you find. If something new is all funky or you found a bug, let Bootstrap know by opening a new issue.