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Google timer

October 28, 2013 - Posted in English , Interesting Facts , Tutorial Posted by:

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I noticed a new feature on Google Search : the timer. Now Google can help you to cook Al Dente !

How to access Google timer ?

Simply type “timer” in the search bar on and it will appears as the first organic result.

Google Timer


It’s really intuitive, insert the hour, minutes, and seconds you want to count down by typing the number directly in the field. Then click start. At the end, your computer will ring if you didn’t turn off the sound.

Still looking for the timer ?

Unfortunately, Google timer seems to be available only on and in english. It means you won’t be able to access it from another Google search domain (,, …). But the search engine might release it soon as we know Google always released new features on first.

Some Advanced Features of Google Timer

Set the amount of time to countdown from the Google search bar

You can also set directly the timer from the search bar by typing for example [set timer to 1 hour and 15 minutes]. The timer will be set to the amount of hours, minutes and seconds you want and it will automatically start. Or you can also choose to set the timer until a specific date. But be careful if you’re located in Europe because the localization seems to mistake the GMT for this feature.

Google Timer set to a specific date

Google Timer works great with Alfred

I use it a lot with Alfred which allow me to set a timer from any other application by calling Alfred search bar !

Google Timer Alfred

Warning message before quitting

If you want to quit the page when the Google timer is on, you’ll see this kind of message depending of your browser.  Great thinking from Google since you won’t loose the page so easily by mistake if you set a timer.

Quit warning Safari

Mute the notification

To mute the notifications of Google Timer only, no need to mute all your computer sound, just click the volume icon at the bottom right corner of the timer.

Reset : it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Maybe a little glitch in the reset functionality. As far as I’m concerned, I would expect for the timer to be on “0” when I click reset (same as the timer reset of a watch for example). But Google has decided that the reset button would restart the timer to the last value it was set. I found it not really intuitive, but still useful.